ARDENNIA : The Unlikely Story of the Upbringing and Vicissitudes of Cinderella’s Prince

ARDENNIA : The Unlikely Story of Cinderella’s Prince

"A mind-bending adaptation of the Cinderella story"

Prince Charming takes center stage in this fairy tale book for adults that captures the magic, brutality and earthiness of the medieval ages.  It chronicles the many adventures of Cinderella's Prince as he undergoes his baptism of fire in the Battle of Paris, is charmed by Cinderella at a masquerade ball, and sets off on a quest to find her after she flees the ball at the midnight hour.  The quest takes him through strange lands supposedly inhabited by ogres, pixies, hobgoblins, man eating plants and giants, and peopled by extraordinary characters that include an epileptic bard, a bean counter who wagers his gold tooth in a dice game, a merchant who can never be too prosperous, a little girl who has a running feud with three bears, pilgrims that argue over who is the most pious and a beggar who has been cursed with leprosy for committing all the cardinal sins.  Be on the look-out for a bit of Chaucer-like satire in this adapted fairy tale that is
the first book in the *Ardennia* series.

Ten Reasons to read Ardennia
10. It is as amusing as Lord of the Rings is horrifying
9. The elf and the dwarf story told by Sir Guy
8. The lusty free knights and their tales
7. The love affair between Cinderella's stepmother and the hunchback
6. The pixies that haunt the forests of Comte
5. The adoration of the buffoon for the Count's daughter
4. Captain Hugo's metaphysical bedtime story about the fairy and the firefly
3. The androgynous knight and the Battle of Paris
2. Prince Henry's tete-a-tetes with the 14 ladies who attended the ball
1. The happy ending, marred by the cruel fate of . . .


Henry (Cinderella’s prince) nudged his steed forward and made his entrance onto the jousting field to the applause of his admirers.

King Charles, flanked by the Count, Henry and Guy, led the cavalcade out of the castle through the gatehouse and down the hill to the village.

The eldest daughter disappeared up the stairway leaving Lord Phillip alone with Cinderella who was on her knees scrubbing the floor.

But Guy had only pretended to fall asleep, and when the hobgoblin tiptoed into the camp to steal Adele (his goat) Guy caught it red-handed.

Guy’s first instinct was to draw his sword and smite down the ogre.

When it came time to go abed Guy warned that this would be an especially bad night for pixies and that they should plug their ears with extra beeswax.

The Baron led on, and soon they entered the crypt where the salted remains of several former barons and baronesses were on display.

It had been years since the brother of the King had made use of ‘the maiden’ and the hinges of the door had creaked as it was opened to reveal the spikes in the door and the rear casement.


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